You're Busy And Centrocar Realizes That You Don't Have Time To Buy Parts


Get to know the Original Parts we have available for you.

The use of original parts developed and tested to ensure the quality standards of the brands represented allows you to optimize the operation of your equipment, reducing unexpected downtime and increasing service times.

We guarantee that at Centrocar you will find a team of skilled professionals highly committed to achieving the best results for our customers, with over 4,500 original parts in their warehouses for immediate delivery.


Fast and accurate delivery, based on strict quality control and comprehensive management.

of inventory. Original parts developed and tested to guarantee the quality of the brands represented.

Better quality

Parts designed, built and delivered to exceed customer needs.

Continuous innovations incorporated throughout the development, design, production, quality control and logistics process.

Fast and Accurate Delivery

Use of advanced parts supply management systems and distribution networks.

Door-to-door parcel delivery twice daily at Vila do Conde and Alverca operation centers.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance services that help minimize related inconveniences

parts and ensure longer engine life and optimum performance.


Original parts

All parts are stored and kept in optimal condition in warehouses with the most advanced and modern technology. We have thousands of parts available with high quality control and stored according to the needs of our customers.

Original parts are designed in conjunction with our brands, machines and engines, guaranteed and always with the latest technology. They represent the best option to have a machine or engine always operating at full efficiency.


Other Parts


Genuine oil is the only product certified by your machine manufacturers.


Our original filter was designed and developed specifically for your machine.


Undercarriage will provide consistent product quality and reliability.