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This Privacy Policy is intended to help you understand what information we collect, why we collect it, and how you may update, manage, export, and delete your information.

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) effective 25 May 2018, our customers / subscribers may at any time change, delete or modify the data they share with us. The new European and national legislation on personal data protection requires you to let us know if you wish to continue receiving our communications.

CENTROCAR has always respected individual privacy and values your trust, so it is our commitment to protect your personal data.

Data Protection Legal Information

At CENTROCAR - Mechanical Equipment Center S.A. we understand that the use of your personal data requires your trust. We are subject to the highest standards of privacy and will only use your personal data for clearly identified purposes and in accordance with your data protection rights.

Confidentiality and integrity of your personal data is one of our main concerns.

This Privacy Policy sets out how Centrocar Portugal, Centrocar Spain, Centrocar Angola and Centrocar Moçambique use the personal data of their customers and potential customers within the scope of this Home Page and consists of the following approaches:

Which companies make up CENTROCAR?

CENTROCAR develops its activity through the following entities in Iberian and African territory:


Rua Vilar do Senhor, 461 - 1º Andar
4455-213 Lavra


Area Empresarial Andalucia Sector 1
C / Marismas, 7
28320 Pinto (Madrid)


Bom Jesus
Estrada Viana - Catete, km 40


Av. Samora Machel, Nº 1561
1114 Matola

Portugal-based CENTROCAR, registered at the VF Xira Commercial Registry Office under the unique registration and corporate number 500061270, coordinates the activity of its retail centers and workshops, is in charge of the second level of support customer and technical issues, manages the website, the CENPARTS and Centrorent service, and promotes the brands represented in portofolio.

Notwithstanding the fact that they operate under the represented brands, under representation agreements for the marketing of equipment and the rendering of services associated with them, dealers and workshops are autonomous entities and are not legally integrated in the represented brands. All references to the trademarks represented in this Privacy Policy include CENTROCAR only and not dealers / workshops outside the group.

Responsibility for Processing Personal Data

CENTROCAR is responsible for the processing of personal data of its clients and / or potential clients who fill in their data and submit the CENTROCAR Marketing Communications Consent Form through the following page: link.

The branches and / or workshops (the branch / workshop of your choice, the branch of your last purchase, the branch / workshop of your last service / repair or the branch / workshop closest to your address) will be responsible for processing the data. Centrocar customers and / or prospective customers who have consented to receive marketing communications by completing the Centrocar Marketing Communications Consent Form.

Although this Policy describes the use of your personal data by affiliates / workshops, they may collect their data autonomously. You may contact us directly or at the branch / workshop regarding any changes or questions regarding the use of your personal data.

Collection of Personal Data

Your personal data will be collected and processed in the following situations:

  • If you fill in your personal data and submit the Consent Form on this Home Page; and / or

  • If you purchase and / or use a CENTROCAR device, product or service

In the second case, the trade relationship may be the soft opt-in figure, a theme already reflected in ePrivacy, specific EU legislation overlapping the RGPD.

There is an exception called the ‘soft opt-in’. This means that consent is not required if you are sending marketing message about similar products and services to your customers/clients or thoseyou have negotiated with to provide products or services, as long as: You give them the opportunity to opt-out when you receive their contact information; and You give them the opportunity to opt-out when you send them subsequent messages. This processing is not based on consent, but rather the legitimate interests processing conditionand can only be relied upon by the organisation that collected the contact details, not third parties.Fonte: ePrivacy – European Union

Purposes And Basics Of Using Personal Data

Your personal data will be collected and used for Customer Support and Marketing purposes (communication of information and products and services), under the strict terms you select on the Consent Form.

Under European Union data protection law (the General Data Protection Regulation) the use of personal data must be justified under at least one legal basis for the processing of personal data. See the explanation of the scope of each of these grounds. *

The legal basis for the collection and use of your personal data for customer service and marketing purposes is your consent.

* Legal grounds for the processing of personal data

  • When you have consented to the processing of your personal data (you will be presented with a consent form for the use of your data, which may be withdrawn later);

  • How much treatment is required to enter into or contract with you;

  • When the treatment is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations to which CENTROCAR is subject;

  • When processing is necessary to achieve a legitimate interest and our reasons for using it prevail over your data protection rights;

  • When treatment is necessary for us to declare, exercise or defend a right in legal proceedings against you, us or a third party.

What Personal Data May Be Gathered

The following categories of personal data may be collected through the channels and services described in this Privacy Policy:

  • Contact Information: Name, Address, Email

  • Personal Information: Date of Birth; marital status; household; driving license (type); profession; orders (eg information, quotation); retail centers / workshop (chosen by you, your last purchase, your last service / repair or geographically closest to your address); hobbies; preferred method of payment; preferred contact channel; Company Name.

  • Identification Data: Customer Number, Contract Number

  • Customer History: Customer Satisfaction Ratio; offers received; equipment (s) purchased, including model, configuration, purchase date, registration date, serial number, order date, delivery date, owner, price information; warranty information; residual value; financial information; purchase details of part, accessories and products; data collected during branch visits (eg, orders, order information, responsible sales consultant, service history); campaign / response history; optional customer data on equipment purchased from other manufacturers; participation in events (location, company); complaint history

  • Equipment utilization data: Maintenance history; fuel level tank; autonomy; Core TMS data; outdoor temperature; location (including pickups and deliveries) or equipment park location.

  • Equipment usage data: number of hours, number of kilometers, year of manufacture

  • CenParts Customer Portal Data: If you have registered with CenParts, you may use the following data: details of how you used the Portal, the date and time and nature of your requests, your IP address, data about the device you are using. uses to interact with the Customer Portal.

Security of Personal Data Collected

We use a variety of security measures, including authentication tools, to help protect and maintain the security, integrity and availability of your personal data.

While data transmission over the internet or website cannot guarantee complete security against intrusion, we and our service providers and business partners make the best efforts to implement and maintain physical, electronic and procedural security measures to protect your data. personal data in accordance with applicable data protection requirements. Among others, we implemented the following:

  • Restricted personal access to your personal data based on the “need to know” criterion and only for the purposes communicated;

  • Transfer of data collected only in a secure and confidential manner;

  • Protection of information technology systems through firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to your personal data; and

  • Permanent monitoring of access to information technology systems to prevent, detect and prevent misuse of your personal data.

Retention Time of Personal Data

We retain your data indefinitely and only for as long as necessary for the purpose for which it was collected.

Once the maximum retention period has been reached, your personal data will be irreversibly anonymised (the anonymized data may be retained) or be securely destroyed.

For the purposes described in this Privacy Policy (customer service and marketing) your personal data will be retained until your withdrawal / consent is requested.

Data Transmission / Sharing and Your Security

CENTROCAR is an international group. Accordingly, your personal data may be accessed by our suppliers or service providers located in countries outside the EEA (European Economic Area) for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy, where data protection legislation may be less stringent. than that prevailing in the EEA.

We guarantee that your personal data that is exported outside the EEA will be treated in accordance with appropriate security measures.

Your personal data is stored on the secure servers of our suppliers / service providers and is accessed and used solely under our policies and standards (or equivalent policies and standards of our suppliers / service providers).

* Contact Details for Centrocar and Data Protection Officer:

  • Data Protection Officer
    Subject matter: RGPD
    Telephone line: 220 029 150 available from 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday


By completing the application form for recruitment processes you formalize your application, consenting and authorizing that the data collected by CENTROCAR be processed for the purpose of recruitment processes that will be initiated during the next 12 (twelve) months. At the end of this period, this application will no longer appear in the list of active applications, so for new recruitment processes you will need to apply again.

No applications from minors are accepted.

The data collected may be shared with other companies of the CENTROCAR Group, whose complete list can be found in this Privacy Policy. Within its legitimate interest, CENTROCAR will also process the collected data for the purposes of: i) fraud prevention and detection, ii) network and information security, iiiv) website development and maintenance, iv) provision of technical assistance.

Data will be processed based on consent and may also be used to comply with legal obligations or in the situations indicated above that correspond to a legitimate interest of CENTROCAR. In the latter case, the treatment shall be carried out in accordance with applicable law and in compliance with users' rights.

Under current legislation, access, rectification, alteration, objection to processing, portability, and elimination and limitation of the processing of your personal data is guaranteed through the CENTROCAR customer service line via or via telephone (+351) 220 029 150

Change / Withdraw Your Consent

You may at any time change or withdraw your consent with effect for the future.

Upon complete withdrawal of your consent statements you will no longer be contacted and receive communications for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.

To withdraw your consent statements submitted to CENTROCAR simply access the Consent Form, fill in your personal details and resubmit the Consent Form by selecting the check boxes according to your preferences. The last Consent Form submitted to CENTROCAR will prevail over all previous Consent Form.

Consent granted to CENTROCAR may be withdrawn via the “Unsubscribe” or “Unsubscribe” link in communications sent or by contacting us directly at (subject: RGPD) or by calling (+351) 220 029 150

Consent Form

Contact Us To Prevail Your Data Protection Rights And The Right To File Complaints With Your Control Authority

If you have any questions regarding our use of your personal data, you should first contact our customer service. Additionally, you may contact the Data Protection Officer.

Subject to certain conditions, you may have the right to ask us to:

  • we will provide you with additional information about our use of your personal data;

  • we will provide you with a copy of the personal data you have provided to us;

  • provide us with the personal data you provided to another data controller at your request;

  • update any inaccuracies in the personal data we hold;

  • that we delete personal data whose use is no longer legitimate;

  • let us limit how we use your personal data until the complaint you make is investigated.

Your exercise of these rights is subject to certain exceptions designed to safeguard the public interest (prevention or detection of crimes) or our interest (maintaining professional secrecy).

If you exercise any of these rights, we will proceed with your review and respond promptly within 1 (one) month.

If you are dissatisfied with our use of your personal data or our response after exercising any of these rights, you have the right to complain to your supervisory authority (National Data Protection Commission - CNPD | Rua de São Bento , 148, 3rd, 1200-821 Lisbon | Tel: 351 213928400 | Fax: +351 213976832 | e-mail:

17 September 2019