Protecting your equipment is protecting your business


Technical assistance

Our after sales service always offer the best options to our customers. With the help and experience of qualified professionals and the range of innovative solutions we offer you will achieve maximum productivity from your machines.

We know that equipment downtimes are critical, resulting in downtime, increased costs and loss of profitability. This is an essential issue for Centrocar that bets on solutions to maximize the reliability of its equipment and minimize unexpected downtime.

Choose the service you need and get the most out of your machine.

Error Diagnostics

Diagnose the malfunction of your equipment with our expert technicians.

Fluid Analysis

Check your equipment fluids regularly and avoid future problems.

Technical Inspections

Inspect your equipment with a specialist and reduce downtime.

Repair Options

Repair your equipment before a malfunction occurs and reduce your maintenance costs.

Service Contracts

Keep your equipment productive with maintenance contracts designed for you.

Preventive maintenance

Learn about our preventative maintenance programs and reduce operating costs.

Specialized Teams

Customer service is one of the most effective tools for our customers to feel the confidence they need when buying equipment. Excellence, quality, reliable and dedicated service is what makes us different.


Other services


Check out our financing support services and expedite the purchase of your equipment.


Keep your equipment safe and check out our Extended Protection Plans. Focus on your business.


Learn more about our training actions and align with our quality requirements.