31 Jan

Develon enters the European market with its new model.

DD130 bulldozer Develon

Develon has launched its new DD130 bulldozer on the market, offering a land levelling solution for your projects.

It stands out for its high visibility, differentiating itself from other brands by the narrower design of the front engine compartment, which allows operators to easily visualise the work being carried out.

Other elements of the DD130 that contribute to good visibility are: the hidden pre-filter in the engine compartment to maximise forward vision; the repositioning of the electronic cooling system to the rear of the tractor, further improving forward visibility; the discreet cab pillars that provide a larger glazed area; and the fully glazed doors that offer a complete view of the working environment.

To increase visibility and safety, a standard rear camera gives operators an additional view of the bulldozer’s surroundings. The DD130 also offers a high level of comfort thanks to its high-quality seat. The tractor’s advanced technologies guarantee greater precision, helping operators to fulfil the most demanding specifications. On the DD130 bulldozer, telematics is standard, allowing customers to monitor and maintain their machines remotely. Now, the status, location and productivity of the Develon bulldozer can be monitored via an app or website.

Source opmachinery