13 May
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Excavators are undeniably among the most indispensable construction equipment for building any infrastructure. However, depending on the project’s needs, the decision between a crawler or wheeled excavator must be made, considering which one is the most suitable. With this dilemma in mind, the Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator is introduced, distributed in Portugal by CENTROCAR.

Crawler Excavator vs. Wheeled Excavator

Excavators are construction equipment used for earth removal, excavation, or digging. They are versatile and essential machines for any project requiring substantial earth-moving and space-clearing operations.

There are two types of excavators:

  • Wheeled Excavator: As the name suggests, it moves on wheels. The significant advantage of this type of machine is its quick mobility and ability to cover long distances.
  • Crawler Excavator: This machine moves on tracks instead of wheels. Its benefit lies in its 360-degree rotating capability, which wheeled excavators generally lack.

Both of these highly productive machines prioritize maneuverability, efficiency, and stability. Therefore, choosing the most suitable one for each project will depend on the specific needs and budget involved.

In the realm of crawler excavators, one of the best options on the market is the Develon DX300LC-7. Below, we explain why.

Advantages of the Develon DX300LC-7 Crawler Excavator

Distributed in Portugal, Spain, Angola, and Mozambique by CENTROCAR, Develon (formerly Doosan) is a leading brand in the construction equipment market. Therefore, it’s no surprise that its excavators are among the top sellers and at the forefront of any construction project. A prime example is the Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator.

The Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator offers an unmatched combination of high performance, operational features, fuel efficiency, reliability, and durability in the 30-ton excavator class.

While this machine’s design is based on previous models that have proven successful, the DX300LC-7 boasts significant improvements, including:

  • Increased operator comfort
  • Enhanced machine control capabilities
  • Improved productivity
  • Maximization of uptime
  • Better return on investment
  • Strong focus on fuel efficiency
  • Increased power
  • Enhanced robustness
  • Greater versatility

The Develon DX300LC-7 Crawler Excavator Leading Infrastructure Projects

The Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator was selected as one of the construction equipment for the Spanish high-speed train project AVE, along the Murcia-Almería route.

Transformaciones y Embalses Parra, a company specializing in large projects and infrastructure, agricultural transformation, and renewable energy, decided to deploy the Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator for works on the Murcia-Almería high-speed railway line. Previously, this equipment had been excavating irrigation reservoirs on large agricultural properties, showcasing its versatility.

Some of the features that led the company to choose the Develon DX300LC-7 crawler excavator were its lower fuel consumption, higher digging speed, and excellent stability. These are essential factors for the current tasks being undertaken, including loading trucks, earthmoving, trenching for road construction, and slope profiling along the entire length of the track.

This recognition further confirms the quality seal of the Develon brand and the trust in its Iberian dealer, CENTROCAR.

If you’re seeking a reliable partner working with the highest-quality brands in the construction equipment market and ensuring excellence in after-sales services, CENTROCAR is the right choice. Visit our website to explore all CENTROCAR’s products and services and get in touch with us.