Agromaster accessories and attachments help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace less efficient machines, and provide the tools to do big projects.

Planter A

The pneumatic planter A model axe type pneumatic planters for precision seeding of corn, sunflower, sugarbeet, cotton, soya and the other crops on tilled soil is the result of years of experience and development by Agromaster. The pneumatic planters is easy to use, constantly reliable and highly accurate. The planter is available in a number of configurations and with different kinds of frames (fixed,telescoping) to meet the various requirements of different crops.

Planter D

The pneumatic planter D model disc type pneumatic planters for precision seeding of corn,sunflower, sugarbeet, cotton, soya and other crops is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum efficiency must be combined with minimum cost.


These pneumatic planter are designed on the principle of multifunctionality, maximum efficiency and easy use. Row space of these pneumatic planter can be adjusted between 45-70 cm very easily from tractor cabin in 12-15 seconds.


Pneumatic planter,It enables to benefit upwards from soil for plants by optimizing life space.It enables to take better the air of plants.It enables to increase taking of elements such as water and sustenance by decreasing of rivalry between plants Distance of row spacing and linear distance are adjustable according to types of plants.It enables to enhance productivity between %15-20 with Twin row pneumatic precision planter.


The Pneumatic Planter D model Disc Type for precision seeding of corn, sunflower, sugarbeet, cotton, soya and other crops is the ideal answer to the problems of modern agriculture in which maximum efficiency must be combined with minimum cost. Agromaster Disc Type Pneumatic Planters are offer Excellent performance in any soil conditions: tilled (Conventional farming),minimum tilleage, or the presence of residue from previous crops.


This pneumatic precision planter is a developed machine to meet the changing agricultural conditions and the competitive environment for the common needs of the vegetable manufacturers. Pneumatic precision planter is especially designed for thin, small seeds.


Seed distribution pneumatic; Number of rows: 6-row / 8-roW; With tractor-mounted, no-till; Working width: 4,200 mm, 5,600 mm


Double Telescopic with Big Fertilizer Hopper, High pressure turbo fertilizer disc coulter; V shaped cast iron press wheel;


Mechanical planter has 2, 4, 5 and 6, iseed unit, sowing foot, disc coulter and disc. It is produced with fertilizer hopper iand without fertilizer hopper. Seed imachine is operated by means of imechanical system. Mechanical planter is ioperated with hydraulic lifting lever and iuniversal three point linkage system. iMachine can be transported easily to the field.Mechanical planter can be used for precise seeding. Different type of seeds like corn, sun flower, cotton, sugar beet, soybean, peanut, and chickpea can be sowed on single row with this machine on every kind of cultivated soil. The most important specialty of the seed drill is not only the simplicity of the design but also the facility of the usage.


Seed Drills Mounted Disc is a mounted type sowing machine which can precisely and properly sow every kind of grain seeds (wheat, barley, rye, rapeseed, oats, peas, soybeans, alfalfa) on the row. In addition, it can successfully sow small vegetable seeds as spinach and parsley. Sowing units can be produced with double discs or axe type. There're models with fertilizer and without fertilizer. This is a seeder which can sow on ridge and flat land.


CEREAL AND COMBINE CEREAL SEEDER WITH GEARBOX It can sow grain, soybean, canola. Planting norm is adjustable. They are sturdy. It can sow in 3 lined routes with its stringed chisel legs. Quantity of seeds before planting is adjustable. Hydraulic trimline marker system is available. Pressure settings of planting legs can be adjusted separately. It can sow on ridge or flat land.It's easy adjustable, strong and useful machine.It can sow on all kinds of land; ridge and flat land.


This is sowing machine which is mounted type along with three-point hitch and hydraulic lifting unit of tractor with or without fertilizer hopper options. These machines are produced from 14 up to 32 rows.You can sow all seeds of cereals through precision. Such as wheat, barley, oat, rye besides canola, alfalfa , clover etc. Small, medium and big sizes seeds can be sowed with this machine. The seeds are sowed through the spring tines.


Seed Drill BM provides seed planting on prepared soil. Widely used for seeding of cereal seeds (wheat, rye, barley, oats, etc.), legumes (peas, beans, lentils, etc.) crops, as well as seeds of other crops close to the size of seeds and seed rate to crops, along with fertilizer.

SM 24

The SM24 Wide Level Disc Harrow & Sesame Seed Drill leaves land level with no dead furrows or ridges. This machine include a 24 disc model that cuts a width of 410 cm SM24 ensures correct cutting action of the discs without undue pulverization of the top soil. Mounted on the wheels this revolutionary new disc harrow is very simple in design. It throws the dirt always in the same direction, leaving the land perfectly level. In spring seeding and tillage operation or fall cultivating there is no faster method of doing this work than with a SM24, at less cost per acre.

Potato planter

2 / 3 / 4 Row potato planter is produced with hydraulic lifting lever and universal three point linkage system. Sowing row space can be adjusted to sow 12 different positions by changing the transmission gears. And also this machine has a special belt with bucket that enables to sow singly. The spaces between rows are whether stable or can be adjusted from 62 to 75 cm.

Potato harvester

Potato harvester is produced with hydraulic lifting lever and universal three point linkage system. This machine runs with PTO shaft and can harvesting as 2-rows. It has a successful mechanism which enables to sieve the potato-tubers in harsh, soft and normal soil conditions and clean the tubers from the soil and put all of them to the sieved soil in an order. It can harvest up to 25 cm depth by means of segmented harvesting blade in harsh and soft soil conditions.

No-Till Seed Drill

No-Till Seed Drill Machine is a modern machine which can directly precision plant seeds of whole grains even in hard soil conditions. Its possible to precision plant seeds such as wheat, barley, oats, rye, large and medium-sized seeds such as rapeseed and small seeds such as clover and canola. This is combined seed drill machine that it can adjust the seed and fertilizer or only seed to desired amount and depth.