Janeiro 2023



Dear customer:

We thank you for the trust you as a partner have placed in Centrocar over these years.

We are at a particularly important moment, as Doosan will be renamed DEVELON.

DEVELON means 'Develop' and Onwards'. It represents the continuity and guarantee that together we can build the future!

The new brand reflects the will to work tirelessly to change the world with innovative products and solutions, with advanced technology that meets and exceeds market expectations.

In recent years Doosan has made a technological leap, with DEVELON the will to improve is even greater. The focus on technology and innovation will be our identity.

The name is new, but the experience and knowledge we have accumulated will continue to be valid and will serve as the basis to make DEVELON stronger and position itself as a premium brand.

We are convinced that DEVELON will help us bring innovation and change to the construction equipment industry, a strong investment will bring more and better products.

We would be very grateful for your collaboration in this adventure towards a new future.

Best regards,

Fernando Almeida

CEO of Centrocar Group