23 Jun

The ExpoFlorestal, the largest Iberian trade fair in the forestry sector, held its 13th edition in May 2024 in Albergaria-a-Velha. This annual event brings together key players from the forestry, agricultural, and environmental industries. Among them Centrocar stood out, showcasing some of its solutions for the forestry sector.

Centrocar at ExpoFlorestal

Centrocar is a company with years of experience in selling heavy machinery and equipment. Its participation in ExpoFlorestal 2024 reaffirmed its commitment to offering innovative, high-performance solutions that meet the growing demands of the forestry industry.

During the three days of the event, Centrocar highlighted some of the equipment that has been gaining prominence in the forestry industry, such as the DD130 bulldozer and the DX20Z and DX10Z mini-excavators from Develon. These machines are known for their high operational efficiency, robustness, and versatility, meeting the sector’s needs for productivity and sustainability.

In addition to Develon machines, Centrocar also showcased the ES-250 shredder from Mccloskey Environmental at its stand. This equipment is designed to handle heavy loads, offering great flexibility to customers and adapting to a wide variety of excavators.

Thus, participating in ExpoFlorestal 2024 was an opportunity to establish new contacts and strengthen relationships with existing customers. This event, which brought together professionals from across the forestry industry, was the ideal venue for the company to present its solutions and consolidate its position in the market.


Centrocar: Innovation and Sustainability at ExpoFlorestal

During its presence at ExpoFlorestal, Centrocar demonstrated:

  • Its commitment to innovation and sustainability by showcasing equipment noted for energy efficiency, low emission of pollutants, and minimal environmental impact.
  • How it has invested in advanced technology machinary that enable greater productivity, safety, and ease of operation, directly benefiting forestry industry professionals.
  • Some of the brands in its portfolio, such as Develon and Mccloskey Environmental, which provide integrated and comprehensive solutions.
  • The diversity of solutions the company offers, highlighting its commitment to meeting the industry’s constant evolution.

Centrocar: Future Vision post ExpoFlorestal 2024

Following its participation in ExpoFlorestal 2024, Centrocar is even more determined to uphold its commitment to excellence in product supply and services. The company aims to continue strengthening its strategic partnerships and expanding its presence within the forestry industry ecosystem.

Its ability to offer technologically advanced solutions, coupled with quality customer service and specialized support, demonstrates the value Centrocar provides to industry professionals. With its forward-looking vision and commitment to innovation, the company is well-positioned to continue driving the development of the forestry industry.